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  News about Britain
April 2003
Each month, the background to a story about Britain.
On this page you can read some of the comments that you sent us on the topic of Water.
Water in Hands

Water comments
  Abdulla Masood in Maldives writes:

I always used to order Tap water, which is collected rain water.
yes the reponsible peoples should pay, but we all can help to minimize pollution.

in this part of the country we don't have to pay for water, we use collected rain water for cooking and drinking and ground water for other purposes

Minoru shibata in Japan writes:

My answers to your questions
1) I don't know exactly whether I am served with tap water or bottle water. Usually, the staff serve me, bringing a large glass or metal server filled with water and pouring some for me. In Japan, water is for the most part tap water, because public water supply system is nation-wide prevalent. Rarely, when I go to an expensive restaurant, for example, a restaurant of a famous hotel, they serve a bottle of mineral water, which we should pay for.
2) As a rule, the polluting farmers or company should pay for the clean-up. But when the amount of money to pay is too much for the polluter, there should be a talk between the local government and the polluter. They should decide on what percentage of the pay should be allocated.
3) In Japan we have public water supply system and water meter system, and we should pay according to the amount of water we use. We have accurate water metering system.

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Jan van Goor
in The Netherlands writes:

When I go to a restaurant I order bottled mineral water but if I get mineral water I´m not sure off. Tape water is also clean in Holland. Sometimes you can hardy taste the difference. Who pollute drinking water should also pay for the cleaning of it. I don´t think that the community should pay. Everybody should pay for the water he use. In some households they only use it for drinking and cooking. Other households use the drinking water also to clean there car and to spray the garden.

M.W. Yip in Hong Kong writes:

If I'm in a restaurant, I would order bottled mineral water as I'm not sure whether the tap water they provide has been boiled. Despite the tap water provider always claim that the tap water is safe to drink, I drink tap water after filtering or boiling it.

I think everyone who use water should pay for the clean up. In everyday life, we are polluting the water more or less, brushing our teeth, bathing, flushing our excrement, all of these acts will pollute the water source. But of course the pollution made by the farmers and industry is far severer than we do, it is obvious that they should pay the major part of it.

Pay for water by accurate metering is better. It is the fairest method. On the other hand, people know that the more water they use, the more money they will pay for it, so it can reduce the waste of water.

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Diana Tapiero in Colombia writes:

I should not pay money for bottled mineral water in a restaurant, because its not reason to pay in a city, where the water have to be more clean... somebody told me that the reason, why the people that are coming from other countries, like Latinamerican countries, and is going to britain, (you can ask just in London) always is going to put on weight... the myth about the water, it is said that when the people arriving in London or in some place in Great Britain, the water has the best treatment at world level, and that it is in the only place where the tap water contains vitamins...(thats wise the people put on weight) I am not sure if this is certain, or its just a myth... it is for this reason that much of foreign people that lives in the united Kingdom, believes that they would not pay a bottle of water, however it is necessary to keep in mind that the level of contamination of the water, in general terms, the water is more treated frequency that in other cou! ntries, as colombia that doesn't exist a technological process that guarantees to the population the consumption of tap water, in these countries, I mean the countries that are just depveloment; (poors countries..etc) we even has to boil the water, although the sources of water are much bigger in our Latin American continent that in the other ones.. but it is the contradiction of the life.... (Im sorry for my writing, but Im learning english ...)

Sabrina Fan in ROC,Taiwan writes:

Here in Taiwan, we will have a glass of boiled tap water free for charge in restaurant and it always be refilled.But if we want purer water, we should pay for the bottled mineral water,it's about 50-200 NT dollars of 500ml water,equal to about 1-4 pounds,depends on the brand. I never buy any bottled mineral water in a restaurant since it will be more expensive than in the convenient store or supermarket,and the price in a restaurant may be twice or three times high.So I rather order a glass of pure fruit juice than the mineral water.

Phuoc Ngo in U.s.a writes:

yes, mineral water 's good for health

Joannaluo in China writes:

I will pay for the bottled mineral water, you see, the restaurant need to pay for it , so when we need it ,we should pay for it.

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Karin Schweizer in Switzerland writes:

NO. I wouldn't spend my money for bottled water if I know that the tap water is also at good quality.

In restaurants, the customer should have the choise between free tap water or bottled water which costs a lot.

Malkus Miroslav in Czech Republik writes:

1.When I go to a restaurant I usually drink beer, but I prefer bottled mineral water. 2.I think that certainly would pay that who water has polluted. 3.every housholds should pay for water that they consume accurate becase not ever is considerate to our environment.

Yasue Matsunaga in Japan writes:

I want to order mineral water in a restaurant. We thought that japanese tap water was clean and safe. But, recentry, it became a legend. Famers and industory have polluted water for long term. They should pay money for the clean water up. And golf players should do, too. Too much fertilizer is used to keep green fields in japan.
We should pay to be safe!

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Reis, César Lanziloti in Brazil writes:

Answering the questions,
When I go to restaurants I usally order
fruit juice, but in my country we drink filtred water at least bottled mineral water. In my opinion who pollutes water should pay for clean it up, but it is not so easy to prove that. I live in Brasil close too S Paulo, we pay for the water in accurate metering and if weu don´t pay the bill, they will disconnect you. We should be more careful about how much water we use and how we use it. Because our lives depend on the good quality water and it is easy to pollute and hard to clean it up. Best wishes. César

Pengpeng Li in China writes:

As to me, i would like to order a bottled water rather than tap water which might not be healthy to drink. Lacking of fresh water is now a very serious problem that everyone is facing. Pay for water by accurate metering is better.

Ryan Huang in China writes:

I wouldn't pay it. Water supply are free in restaurants of China.And chinese are accustomed to drink boiled tap water.Actually, In china, drink wanter alwsays mean tea.

There are sometimes too much water in some parts of china while other parts are lack of water seriously. Chinese Government has built up a large project that transfer the redundant water in south to north.

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T Tong in UK writes:

I will pay money for bottled mineral water in a resturant. Everytime, I go to a restutant or cafe, i never ask for tape water because the water from the tape is not very hygiene. Imagine, when you boil the kettle all the time, there will be lime scale surrounding the kettle.So, it is better of drinking boiled water instead of tape water.

I really don't mind for paying bottled mineral water in a reaturant or any supermarket for sake of health.

Lin-Wen ,Chang
in Taipei,Taiwan writes:

I wouldn't want to buy a bottle of mineral water in a restaurant, becasue it use to have lots of problem sometimes with something dirty in the bottle. i like the water which is already cooked in our house it would look cleaner, somehow I think a bottle of mineral water is a bit expansive in Taiwan, in care you have no way.

Sue Tsai
in Singapore writes:

I'll not order a bottled mineral water in a restaurant, if the tap water is drindable in the country. In my opinion, bottled mineral water should be used in developing countries which tap water is undrinkable, on the contrary, it is a extra work in which tap water is drinkable, because the container of mineral water is made from plastic, it can be another pollution when you drink a bottle of mineral water off. we are not as fortunate as UK, in Singapore, water is valuable,come to think about it, if the water is.

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Phuong Thao Luong Thi in Vietnam writes:

When I go to restaurant in my country, it's unsual to order tap water so I always order bottled water. But maybe I'll try to order tap water. If drinking water is polluted by farmers and industry both we,consumers and they should share for the clean up. To do so, both will need for clean way to produce things and products from clean production. And both will pay more attention to the problem. In my opinion, household should pay for the water by accurate metering. It make people save each drop of water.

Muhammad Imran in Pakistan writes:

I will prefer mineral water in a restaurant and pay for it.
2)both should pay.
3)by the average.


Water is a kind of goods like rice, sweet etc. If you need goods, you have to paid for that. I think that paying for water can help to improve water quality.

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Juan riosalido in Spain writes:

When I go to a restaurant, I order bottled mineral water,because I drink bottled minera water in my house.I think that my city the water is bad,I like to drink water of quality and I only can drink to buy it. I believe that who dirty water should for it.

Ebrahim Golshan in Iran writes:

Hi to you! I'd like to add, it would be better and mor pleasant, if the passage could use people's direct sentences, just as they say. Thanks

Zhanranping in China writes:

If I go to a restaurant,I order bottled mineral water.because,in most ofour country,the tap water isn't use for drink.If farmers or industry pulute drinking water,I think they must pay for the clean up themself.In my opinion,the way that pay for water must by accurate can reduce wasting. I come from sichuan normal university,sichuan,china. I wish to be friends all of you.

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Mahmood Ibrahim Hishla in Egypt writes:

I am as a resident of a rural area donot interest the problem of water because there is no multiple ways to get water it is only the governmental water supplier that couldnot be discused of neither the quality of water and its pollution nor the price that only depends on arbitrary sum assesed by the company of water so we don't have any problem of pure water.

Gianderico Paola Siracusa in Italy writes:

Hello , I am Paola, a 15 year old student from Siracusa, I read what you wrote about water and was quite impressed. Everybody knows the importance of water, it is the essential element of life, a precious gift given to man and nature. Unfortunately in everyday life we don't mind about the big waste of water of our households or of the danger caused to water by industry and farming. Now I understand why tap water has been replaced by mineral water in restaurants but also at home! I think that we should be more careful when we use water. We should limit consumes and be trained to an accurate watering.

Jacopo Di Gesù Siracusa in Italy writes:

Hi! I'm Jacopo from Siracusa , Italy.
I think that everyone should have to pay only the water he uses, and not, as here for example, to pay for the others too, with an average bill for everyone .If I had the power, I should make everybody put an accurate water meter. About the tap water and bottled water problem , I Would like to say that in Italy now, nobody drinks tap water. In fact, if you went to a restaurant, you couldn't order it, because of the polluted water(only the mountain dweller drink it). I think that all the people should pay for its clean up, especially the chemical factories' owners, and the farmers that use herbicidals, or chemical products.

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lin wen,chang
in Taipei,Taiwan writes:

I will not pay money for it.
Every day in my home,my mom always prepares water which be boiled.Because I think that water will be more cleaner.

in Turkey writes:

We have a lot of water sources in our country but only big cities we can not drink water from tap because of the pollution. You know in order to say it a water sources it must be at least 5000 meters from settlement area.Our big cities populations are very high like 12 million so our big cities sources are not reliable .So this is normal to pay money for mineral water in our big cities.

Xiang li in China writes:

I always order a bottled mineral water when I go to a restaurant, because I don't believe tap water which has been cleaned cleansed.

In my opinion, someone who polluted drinking water must pay for the clean up.Firstly, polluted water need to be clean.Secondly, it can decrease the pollution because nobody want to pay their own money.

I disagree with average payment.Every family use different tap water monthly, the best way I think is paying monthly for using tap water which they had used.

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Danila Di Pace in Italia writes:

Hi everyone!! I think water is the most important thing because we can drink it, we can wash ourselves with it and we can live! Fortunately there is no problem linked with water in my town so, I live a very comfortable life. But it always happens that many people waste water( for example they don't close water tap when they are washing their teeth) so, reservoirs become empty. I think it should be better that, when we are doing something using water, we start thinking about it, its importance and our children's life without it.

Marko Kovacevic in Croatia writes:

1. Sometimes I order bottled mineral water but ussualy I order tap water because here in Zadar (Croatia) most of people drink tap water. 2. I think that the government should realize this question and try to find the answer on this solution. 3. I think they should pay by accurate metering, and some fee should be paid fixly by each house hold every month.

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