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  News about Britain
January 2003
Each month, the background to a story about Britain.
Read the story, then write to us and tell us about how students pay for their studies in your part of the world. We'll add what you say to the bottom of the page.

Student montage

Your comments

Fio Vitti in Paraguay writes:
Hello, i´m studento from paraguay. I go to the catholic University, and i pay U$S 150 a moth.

Lucia Helena do Nascimento in Brazil writes:
In my opinion, the new way of paying is not the real solution, but it`s better than nothing. It will give some more chances to poor people, or, I mean, to not rich people. It is a way... I think the Government has to help people who want to study. It is a hard thing to do when you have to work as well. These people will be the future professionals. What do you expect without education? How are you going to use your internal potential if you don`t have an opportunity? My country is Brazil. It`s very hard to study there. You should be brave if you want it. No part time jobs will pay for your food nor your studies as well. The Government doesn`t help. It is why we are a poor country. No education, no nothing. People don`t develop themselves. It`s sad. If I could I would like to change it. We have free Uni but only the rich people can go because they had a good education to do the admission test. The ONU has a document where it is written that all people have rights to study and to work, have a job, health program, etc., but unfortunately, only SOME really have it... NO MONEY NO HONEY... that`s it.

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Duanpen in Thailand writes:
I think it is a good idea to have this system because students who study in Britain will have an opportunity to study.
Because some people didn't have money to pay for tuition fees while they are studying, if they could have some money from the goverment it will be good for them. And after that when they've finished university they can work and repay the tuition fees to the goverment.

Tetsuya in Japan writes:
The total amount of payment will increase so I don't think it's a good system. Although, to my thought, this system will force students to consider more deeply what course to take. Consequently, in terms of students' motivation, this will be higher than before.

Jui-Ting Lee in Taiwan writes:
I think it's a good system for British students. Because that gives poor people a chance to study in the university or college. Unfortunately, we don't have free university or college tuition in Taiwan. The Government or school just supports scholarships for everybody.

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Mohammed Elaate in Libya Writes:
Firstly it`s is a good idea for some people who haven`t enough money to study. The other thing that I`m going to say is without the money you aren`t going to do any thing in this life like the poor people when some one's going to study and the government's going to pay!
And the other thing we must remember is with help from our god they going to find a job also they have to return it back....... Secondly,in my country we don`t have to pay for the college or the university unless it is private and we are happy because the government pays.

Cecilia Shih
in Taiwan writes:
In Taiwan, we have to pay tuition fees for every semester. Some of us have our parents' support, others have to have a part time job for studies. Students used to have a very convenient way with very low interest loan from banks, but many students didn't pay it back after they finished their studies. Now, our banks make higher conditions for loaning money to students. What a bad effect!

ZHANGBO in CHINA writes:
Students should pay for the college or university education ,but the price should not too expensive.otherwise students from poorer families will lose chances to enter university. Social should invest more money to universities. Rich people should take more responsibility for our society.

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Joseph Ohide Oyee in Sudan(living in USA) writes:

Let me commece by giving a brief comment about how the subject matter works in my country of Origin. In Sudan before 1990s, the education system was under the gov't. Basically, students pay nothing they are accomodated, fed and given pocket money. But after 90s, the GOS withdrew all these previlages and things turn the other way round for students. The changes are slitly similer to that in UK and USA in that students are asked to pay tutition fees. The big difference thought is, in Sudan students tution is determine by their parents income. In this case children of the poor pay nothing or very little. Nevertheless, they still face some difficulties like transportation, proper studing place with light etc.

I would agree with those who disagree, it is a baden for students to repay the loan. All those who fall under these category are the children of the poor whose parents were not able to save for their education. I think the gov'ts should play major role in problem. The system which is in full swing in Sudan might be much helpfull to reduce the a mount of tution students are entitle to.

Milenko Obradovic in Serbia writes:

I cant' tell is your system for paying education good or not.It depends from many things in your country starting from pure economic conditions till situation in your higher education at all.I only can say that my country has seriouse problems in that field too and we are still looking for some solutions.I apologize if my english makes you some problems,I am working on it.Also,I truly hope you will find a way from this situation very soon.

Driss akki in Morocco writes:

I think this new way of paying is'nt my country stuedent are free.finally this way is'nt good especially that britain is rich.

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Michelle Liang in China writes:

I don't think it is a good idea for students that have no stable financial income to pay more attention on money than anything else, it will give them much pressure as well as to the family.

In China, one need to pay for this course, many students have to ask for a loan on it and this has been bringing the side effect as lower payback of the bank than national average since some students failed to return money in appointed period.

Ohn Hou in China writes:

I think the system is not china no colleges are free.the tuition is very high for countryside family,in some poor region all incomes(under 5000) can't offer one college student's tuition(about 5000). many student from poorer families cann't get loan despite of they want to , bank didn't trust them.

Michael Chen in Zhuhai,China writes:

I think that the paying is a bad thing.especially in China.parent have to support their childrens from shool to university.some families don't have money to let them children going to school.some spend all saving juse for the children going to shool and university. they have a hard living in all life. I really want this things can be changed in the future.

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José Vargas in Columbia writes:

Most of the universities here are private, so students have to pay tution fees for their studies. There are not many public resources for grants and actually many students tend to get a credit and get a part or full-time job to pay back the loan. Tution-fees in private universities could be from four up to 12 minimum salary a year. I think that is not an incentive to study.

Liuyo in China writes:

I do not think it is a good system.It will be helpful to the students in college to work part time, but if the students are forced to spend too much time on work,it won't be good for their studies.And sometimes it is not so fair for those who are poor.In my country,we have to pay for our university education,but it is not so expensive.

Sanjena Xu in China writes:

I don't think it is good to put heavy fund load on the shoulders of students. on one hand, education is the resposibility of the society, the duty of the nation. if strudents' load is becoming heavier and heavier, that is to say the society or the nation is fleeing from their duty. it is not good for a nation's development in the long term.
on the other hand, most students are youth with tender mentality, if they bear heavy fund load, it may affect their study and bring lose to the society.

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Jonathan rain in China writes:

This is a good idea. University education shall not be free, as that of obligatory education. College students pay for education for a brighter future. With the tuition fees, university provides better education, and asks less from the government, who may use taxation on more basic and urgent social problems. This doesn't mean that university education is commodity. It is a better choice for human society at the present stage. Meabwhile, credit system shall be established so that banks are sure to provide to help those poor talents.

In my country,tuition fees have been required since 1997, before which university education is free. Yet, students are eager to enter universities and few are stopped due to financial reason, since state-owned banks provide loan. And once credit system is established, many banks will be eager to enter this business.

Elitha in China writes:

Dear Sir,
I think the new way of paying is a good system.The all education should be charged except low tuition of the primary school and junior high school students.Now ,we country also allow the poorer university student to apply the propoal of education loan,the allowers can refund their debt when they graduate and find jobs. This is my view for up news. Yours sincerely, Elitha

Anonymous writes:

No people will think that finding non-rich family to pay for all fee will
be a excllect policy.In my opinion, the government should subsidy the families who are not enough money to pay off bill will pose that any students can go university without considering finanical problem.

Not only the student can get great education ,it also cause that all talented student can devote their ability to society.talented student
is a major component of support for society, losing them will represent that the society and government become more useless and naive.

All in all, the government should abolish the new policy which make unfair phenomenon in society and maintain old method which limit the top - up fee.

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Songliang wang in China writes:

I think the system is good above all.
After all in this way students may have to study hard in some sense to get a good job after leaving university.In China several policies is in use.If your family is poor,you may be free of charge or part of it;or you can get scholship; or you can do some job for school for the tuition.

Mohamud Adam in somalia writes:

I think, the new system, is a bad system, because the students quit the university before finishing their studies or don't enter university. In my country we have two types, goverment university(free) and private university(pay for this), and have scholarship in both.

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Sadia adeel in Pakistan writes:

I think this is very good idea,because it offers opportunities for students from poor families,who usurally have higher motives in study but are often disappointed by the growing tuition fee .in my country have two types, goverment university(free) and private university(pay for this), and have scholarship in both.

Jennifer M in Japan writes:

I do not think it is a good idea of the new way of paying system. It just makes the Education as all the other's commondities we buy. Education=Commercial goods It is really ridiculous that the students with the huge debts on their backs to eager for absorbing the knowledges!

Jian li in China writes:

In China, the education system of high education saw a great change in the beginning of 1990s.Universities only charge student low tuition fee, maily depend on Goverment before 1991. But now, Most of these Public University increased Thefee up to about RMB 3000 each term although the Scholarship is incresed to about RMB 4000. But for lots of family, it is a bigger burden than before. So, I think the loan system is a reasonable way for us. But it is better to have a more comprehensive system such as coexistence of PUBLIC and Private University, more flexible methos of the tuition. So , the university will open to eveyone.

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Parvaneh shahbazi in Iran writes:

I knew english during my high school & university but the words in these method of teaching english is very good for living & social conversation i like it and print each page , memorize the new word,s and listen again at next conection to internet ,thanks a lot

Nguyen Trong Khoa in Vietnam writes:

I think that, the new way of paying is bad system. A lot of students from poor families are inteligent and they can study well. If they could studied without paying, they will try to study and may get a good job.

In our country, students must pay for tuition fees in most of the colleges and universities. But the level of fees is not very high. However, many students have difficulties for paying because their families are poor. A lot of them must to work to earn money for education fees. Some of them study very well and they get the scholarship from Government, NGO, companies or fund.

Jalilbenish in Afhanistan writes:

it is better to students to pay fees although we don not pay many in our education centers.

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Caroline Jenkins in France writes:

I think this system is outrageous, and encourages people to not go to university, which triggers a life of mediocrity. Some people might have the intellectual capacity to get a university degree, but they are not supported financially in any way. It is a major step back, and it is terribly discriminatory. In France, university fees are minimal (they mostly cover the admin cost). You have to buy your own books, but under a certain level of revenue, you can apply from a grant from the government.

Raymond Chan in Hong Kong writes:

Students going to face heavy burden are unfair. Financial decision should be overhauled.

Muhammad Akhtar in Pakistan writes:

It is a good system but it should be without interest. It is not free but fee charges are cheap and affordable in government universities and costly in private universities.

This scheme should also be offered to the intellegent students of undeveloped countries, through it they can complete their desires about thirst of knowledge.

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Coco in China writes:

In china,we also have to pay for our university education,and to most of us ,money are from our parents.simply because part_time job is not so common here.from this respect,chinese youth rless independt than their western counterparts. i consider the new way of paying a good system to those poor student who couldn't afford the tuition at the moment,but to those who can,it is a bad one,because dat means they have to pay much more than they should before.

Teófilo Rodríguez Ramos
in Spain writes:

This is a fan of this site.I think this measure is going to be very unjust and discriminitory. It widens the inequality of oportunities in life. Only the rich will be able to afford the cost, the others will be put off from futher education.This burden will increase the mortgage they'll have to pay for buying or renting a home to live an independent life after university.

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Odair Bobbio
in Brazil writes:

In my country the best universities are public. It´s very difficult to get in because there is a kind of testing. Only rich people that has been stood at good high school can obtain the grades and get it... My opinion is that the university should be free and have some number of chair for poor students.

Yongwei Wang
in P.R.China writes:

I think the system is good,because it offers opportunities for students from poor families,who usurally have higher motives in study but are often disappointed by the growing tuition fee .Once an elder sister committed suicide just to give the study chance to her litter brother,because they were admitted by colleges at the same time and their poor family could only afford one.This is a true story happening in 1997 in Jiangsu province.If there were a system like this ,this tragedy wouldnn't happen.We do have a system to lend students money ,but they have to pay it back just after their graduation.And we do have private colleges ,which are often more expenxive and are meant for rich students with poor study reacords. I think it would be better if we had such kind of system in china.

Daniel in US writes:

In the US are public and private universities. In both of them students have to pay tution, but in a private one tutition is very higher. Nevertheless students which study well can get a scholarship. Everybody can also work part-time while studying. I think that many studenbts have here a big area of choices and even if they cant afford a very expensive colladge, they can go to a cheaper (public) and even sometimes better then a private.

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Yue Liu in China Chongqing City writes:

Fron my point of view.I believe the tuition fees are better to government than students.It stimulates the economy and shift the government burden.Univercity student is adult not teenager or even child.They can make their livings.In China,we univercity students need to pay for the tuition fees.If you come from a poor family you can apply for the loan.So no matter how is your family you can get your education.In the new century we should encourage yong people to experience hard and realitic life.

Anonymous writes:

I think education is a public goods such as health and remedy & security. so it should be free for people.In this case there will some positve externalities.

Nana Guerengomba in Reston, Virginia (US) writes:

The new way of paying university fees is a bad sytem because of several reasons. University tuitions are usually high, and students from poor families find temselves in deep debt after graduation. Meanwhile, students from wealthy families do not have any debt to pay back. In addition, people from minority groups will not be able to get an education: they are struggling with their financial problems to survive; therefore, student loan will be another burden.

With this high amount of student loans, British society will find itself with people who are victims and prisoners of the system. Per say, if a person adds his loan student, his credit card debt, and his mortgage, he will basically work to pay back the system. I am wondering if after paying all this debt, this person will have any money left for savings. Based on these facts, I think it is pointless to abolish grants in favor of students loans. It seems like we are living in the world which is giving privileges! to the rich people whereas they represent a small percentage of the overall population of a counrty.

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in China:

Proper tuition fees is resonable.but now the fees seems to become a big burden to most of the students. No wonder most people cannot accept it.If the system begins with a sum of less money ,it may be effective. In my country,both the government and students have to pay the tuition fees. So, seemingly, the large number will no longer be a burden to either the government or students.

Tracy Zouin China writes:

since 1998, universities in china started to enlarge it recruitment on postgraduate students. At the same time ,the public education has been gradually replaced by self-financing eduaction. The tuition fee vary from $600 to 900$ per year, depending on the major you chose.
with more money coming in, universities can renovate its teaching and research facilities. so, it is a good thing.
the more postgraduates they recruit, the more supervisors they need. But some universities are short of such qualified teachers. so you can see the strange phenomena that some professors guid up to 20 posgraduates and some teachers who are not qaulified for being supervisor are listed on the postgraduate prospectus.

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Roland Weibel
in Switzerland writes:

I think that tuition fees shouldn’t have to be paid by students. There should be a freedom to study for every social class. Educational expenses are a very good investment for governments. In my opinion, much more money is spent by governments for unnecessary reasons like for example war.

I think that investments in education would cut the costs of the social department, which has to fight against unemployment and drugs. People who consider themselves to be 'not economically viable' cost the department a lot of money too, and this long-term-damage of our population could be fought by taking more care of the youth and their education. In Switzerland, we pay a few hundred Swiss francs per semester, which doesn't cause any problem for most of the students. And there is still the opportunity of scholarships if you can’t afford this fee.

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