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Tony Hadley
Meet Tony Hadley, the former lead singer of the British band 'Spandau Ballet'. In their day, 'Spandau Ballet' were amongst the most successful performers of the 'New Romantics' style. As a singer, Tony's talents have been recognized for many years. But his songwriting skills have only been demonstrated fairly recently, as he decided to become a solo artist. Today's song, simply called She, comes from Tony's first solo album 'Tony Hadley'.
Tony Hadley reads the lyrics especially for us. Listen and see if you can fill in the gaps in the lyrics.

She is this vision, (...1...) in gold. She is all beauty with a wealth of her own. And this love was heaven. Then tears start to flow, 'cos here was an angel with a lifetime to hold. And I was all (...2...), love (...3...). Could not believe it, how she justified us all. She smiles to touch the soul, she came, she held us all, she walks and we grow tall. I'd never (...4...) her before. She was my (...5...), as her hand held mine tight. Now this was all I wanted, as she breathed into life...
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Find out how Tony writes his lyrics. Learn what his song 'She' is all about.

Tony, why did you decide to write your own lyrics?

Being the songwriter, you know exactly what the subject's about. Sometimes, when it's other people's lyrics, you have to make up your own stories.
In the song, 'she' is obviously someone you admire. But who exactly is 'she'?
She is my daughter, Toni. Toni with an 'i'. I'm Tony with a 'y', she's Toni with an 'i'. She's growing up so fast! I don't know, if you're a dad it kind of... Girls, they're always like... they are absolutely sort of beautiful and, I don't know, kind of pristine.
'Pristine', 'heaven', 'soul'... You're using many words to do with spirituality and religion in this song. Why's that, Tony?
I actually went to a Church of England's school. It was a fantastic school. But it's quite a religious school. I mean, we weren't kind of bamboozled with religion all the time. But we had a couple, you know, two or three nuns who were there and everything...
Yet, this doesn't quite explain why you choose to use these words when singing about a child...
When they're born, I think, children, especially, they're so beautifully innocent. And that kind of justifies mankind - or womankind, if you like.
Your daughter is very lucky to have such an admiring dad!
She doesn't have to do very much and she's got me twisted 'round her little finger. You know, I think all girls are like that with their dads.

Tony Hadley
Did you get all that? Well, here's a chance for you to check if you know exactly what some of the words and expressions Tony used mean.

If you make something up, it means...

you find out what it consists of
you put powder, mascara and lipstick on your face
you invent it

'Pristine' is...
a formal word meaning 'pure', 'extremely clean', 'undamaged'
an informal word meaning 'respected and admired by people'
a formal word meaning 'respected and admired by people'

If you bamboozle
someone, you...
invite them to have a few drinks with you
try to mystify, confuse or deceive them with lots of information
threaten them with a bamboo stick

Someone has/gets you twisted around their little finger, if they...
misquote you, deliberately change the story you have told them
influence you in an unexpected, yet significant way
have persuaded you to do exactly as they want
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