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Dr Robert
Meet Dr Robert, the singer-songwriter of the band 'The Blow Monkeys'. Born in Scotland in 1962, he spent most of his childhood in Australia. There, he had his first musical experience playing as a busker, a street musician in Sydney. When he came back to Britain in 1981, he formed 'The Blow Monkeys' whose breakthrough came with their second album 'Animal Magic'. Today's song, Digging Your Scene, is taken from that album. Find out here what the song is all about.
Dr Robert reads the lyrics especially for us. Listen and see if you can fill in the gaps in the lyrics.

I just got your message baby. So sad to see you (...1...). What in the world is this feeling? (...2...) and leave me reeling, it'll get you in the end, it's God's (...3...). Oh I know I should (...4...), but I prefer to deceive. Everyday I walk alone and pray that God won't see me. And I know it's wrong, I know it's wrong. Tell me why, why is it I'm (...5...)? I know I'll die baby.
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Find out how Dr Robert writes his lyrics. Learn the story behind 'Digging Your Scene'.

'Digging Your Scene'... A bit of a strange title, isn't it? What's the song actually about?

'Digging Your Scene' was me tipping my hat to the club scene, and then specifically the gay scene within the club scene that… in the early 80's, that were to me the most exciting thing that was happening at that point in my life. 'Cos I'd kind of broken up with my first wife and I was in-between, and I was kind of enjoying myself. And it was a great scene for me to be involved in. Although I wasn't gay. You know, 50% of the people in there weren't. it was just a really refreshing kind of attitude there. And the song was written basically about AIDS and the way that it was beginning to kind of happen to people that I knew within that scene.
Still, it's not exactly clear how you can 'dig' a scene...
'A scene' - you could define the 'scene' as a group of people that felt the same way about music and clothes and fashion, and got together and celebrated that. 'Digging'... 'digging' in the sense of the American slang. The sense of, you know, liking, loving, appreciating.
What do you mean when you're talking about 'God's revenge'?
There was a little bit of hysteria about AIDS, I think, in the early days here in the tabloids and stuff, you know. It was a bit dodgy, and people were kind of using it in order to kind of slag off the gay scene and the gay culture, you know. And what I wanted to do was kind of say… you know, redress the balance in my own way.
Generally, what sort of songs do you like writing?
I like writing songs and albums about what I'm doing, where I am and trying to make them appealing. Obviously, without being… going too kind of self-indulgent on it.

Dr Robert
Did you get all that? Well, here's a chance for you to check if you know exactly what some of the words and expressions Dr Robert used mean.

When you say you are tipping your hat to someone, you mean you...

are taking your hat off
are paying them extra cash for doing a good job
show them your respect

Dr Robert used the word 'hysteria' to mean...
a state of uncontollable panic among a lot of people
a medical condition
extreme excitement

If you slag something off
, you...
ignore or dismiss it
critisize it in an unpleasant way
consider it extremely immoral and rude

To redress the balance means...
to fix your kitchen scales
to compensate
to make things equal when you believe their inequality is unfair
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