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Exercise: the 90's - technology

Tony Thorne 1990's  
Do you know the meaning of the following? Try this exercise and check your answers afterwards:
1: Tony uses the word 'start-up' to mean...
'the moment a car's engine begins to work'
'a small company that has been started recently'
'the money needed to start a new business'
  2: The arcade games of the 70's can be described as 'crude' because...
      they were always based on rude, offensive subjects  
they were much less sophisticated and made in a simpler way than today's computer games
they would not run on any fuel other than unrefined oil
  3: If someone is called a 'misfit', it means they...
      are not easily accepted by other people, because they behave differently from others  
always have to stand up on a bus because they are too big for a seat
have an irregularly shaped body
  4: 'Software' is a generic term for...       all computer programmes  
mattresses, pillows and blankets
all fabrics used for making clothes, curtains, sheets, etc.
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