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Music in the News
Wednesday 12 March 2003
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  George Michael
George Michael says forget anti-war song
Summary: Singer George Michael says that pop stars should not record an anti-war record.

The News Listen
  George Michael says forget anti-war song

George Michael has told pop stars to forget about plans for an anti-war charity record - because they don't know enough about politics to be taken seriously.
Blue star Lee Ryan says he's written a top tune called Stand Up As People and is trying to get loads of other big stars to sing it with him.
He says he wants people like Kylie and the Sugababes to help him out but George really doesn't like the idea.
He was involved with the famous charity single Do They Know It's Christmas by Band Aid that raised loads of money for starving people in Ethiopia.
George said: "I'm begging, I'm hoping that there will not be a Band Aid 2 because the reality is that very, very few people in the industry now, that you're hearing on the radio, make their money from their own hearts and minds."
He added that current pop stars make their money by singing words other people have written, and doesn't think a new charity record would be very genuine.

The Words Listen  
  charity record
a disc which will raise money to help people in trouble

  to be taken seriously
for people to think they mean it

a lot of

  help him out
assist him with the problem

if you raise money you get people to give money for charity

dying because they had no food

  the reality is
the truth is

  from their own hearts and minds
using their personal abilities

at the present time

honest and sincere

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