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Music in the News
Friday 14 February 2003
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

Madonna protests about war
Summary: In March, Madonna will release a new video to protest against the possible war with Iraq. The video is not directed against American President George Bush, but is a reaction to the idea of war itself.
The News Listen
  Madonna has made a pop video to speak out against the possible war with Iraq. The Queen of pop did the video for the title track and first single of her next album, American Life, which comes out in April.

In it, Maddy prances around a fashion show catwalk surrounded by models dressed in camouflage and combats. Apparently she throws a grenade and chaos follows, with scenes showing soldiers and victims of war, including bloodied babies.

Her spokeswoman said the video was not meant to pick on US President George W Bush and his policies specifically. It was more a statement about the "horrors of war", she said. She added Madonna had done the video because she had been "moved" by the possibility of a US-led war with Iraq.

Madonna filmed it in Los Angeles last week and the finishing touches are now being added before its March release. A few popstars have said they are against war, including Sheryl Crow and Blur's Damon Albarn.

The Words Listen  
  to speak out (against)
to say publicly that something is a bad thing. Note: you can also speak out for something, if you think it is a good thing

  title track
a song on an album that has the same name as the album

  prances around
walks around in an excited way

a long platform, which models walk on to show new clothes

items like leaves and paint put on something to make it look like other things nearby - used particularly by the military to hide things from the enemy

ordinary clothing that looks like the clothes worn by people in the military

  bloodied babies
babies covered in blood

  to pick on
to criticise someone unfairly

if you are 'moved' by something then you are emotionally affected by it

  finishing touches
the last things that need to be done to complete something

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