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Music in the News
Wednesday 29 January 2003
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Britney Spears
Britney stalker says he didn't
Summary: Britney Spears didn't understand why a Japanese man was following her - and he has claimed that he didn't mean to upset her.

The News Listen
  Britney Spears "misunderstood" a Japanese fan who she says stalked her, it's been claimed in court.
The pop princess asked for a court order stopping Masahiko Shizawa from coming near her, saying he "tracked and attempted to contact" her at her home in Los Angeles.

But his legal team said it was all down to "cultural" differences and Mr Shizawa had never meant to upset her.
He had no intention of harming her, and is an important businessman in Japan, the LA court heard.
But Britney, 21, says he called her at two of her homes, and even tried to contact her at her parents' house. She also says he sent her a note saying: "I'm chasing you."

Britney is taking a six-month break from music to get some rest. She recently split from pop star Justin Timberlake and had to cope with her parents' divorce.

The Words Listen  
if you stalk someone, you walk quietly close behind them

if you track someone, you find them by following signs they have left

he was never serious about upsetting her

made her feel worried




decided not to remain together with

  cope with
if you cope with something unpleasant you accept it

the ending of a marriage

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