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Music in the News
Thursday 02 January 2003
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Joe Strummer pictured in 1986
Clash star Joe Strummer dies
Summary: One of the pioneers of punk rock, the British musician Joe Strummer, founder of the group The Clash, died in Britain on 22nd December aged 50. After The Clash broke up in the mid-1980s Joe Strummer embraced a variety of projects. He formed his own band the Mescaleros in 1999, inspired by global musical influences and left-wing politics. The musician Billy Bragg said this about him:

The News Listen
  Joe, to me personally, was a great political inspiration. The first political thing I ever did was go to a Rock Against Racism gig in Victoria Park in Hackney in 1977 and I really went along to that just to see The Clash and they kind of politicised me. I have great admiration for the man, his most recent records are as political and as edgy as anything he ever did with The Clash, his take on multi-cultural Britain in the twenty-first century is far ahead of anybody else and I think this is a terrible, terrible tragedy to happen and particularly for his wife and family.

The Words Listen  
  to me personally
in his own opinion

here, someone who gives you a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm from new ideas

  Rock Against Racism
a protest movement involving rock musicians against believing that some races are inferior to others


an area in East London

  kind of
in a way

you politicise someone, you make them aware of political issues

  take on
if you have a take on something you have particular views and opinions about it

with people of many cultures

  ahead of
in advance of

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