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Music in the News
Wednesday 20 November 2002
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

Big drop in sales of music singles
Summary: Sales of singles have fallen. More people are buying albums, and not even big names can stop the fall in sales.

The News Listen
  Big drop in sales of music singles

Sales of singles in the UK have slumped to their lowest point for 10 years.
It's not a great time for the drop in sales to be revealed, with the official UK singles chart celebrating its 50th birthday this week.
Almost 54 million singles were sold in the last year - that's nine million fewer than the year before.
Not even mega-sellers from Kylie, Elvis vs JXL and Gareth Gates have managed to prevent the drop in sales.
It's all very different to 1995 when a whopping 87 million singles were snapped up.
It seems people are choosing to buy albums because sales of those have risen by almost 2%.

The Words Listen  
fallen suddenly by a lot

  lowest point
sales haven't been as low as this for 10 years

  not a great time
a way of saying that it's a really bad time

if you reveal something you make people aware of it

  UK singles chart
list showing which singles (records with one song on) have sold the most copies

disks which sold extremely well ('mega' means million)

a much bigger amount than normal

  snapped up
bought quickly

CDs with a number of songs on them

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