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Music in the News
Wednesday 14 August 2002
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Potential pop stars
Hundreds queue to become Russian Pop stars
Summary: Over 1,000 people came to Moscow for a contest organised by Russian television to find singers for a new pop band, an idea which has been seen recently in Britain.
The News Listen
  More than a 1,000 Hear'Say wannabes have been queuing in Moscow dreaming of pop stardom.

They all want to be part of a brand new pop band created by Russian TV - just like the British Popstars and Pop Idol.

So many people queued to get on the show they had just 10 seconds to impress the judges!

But only the best singers made it through to the next round, and only the very best will make it to the final in September.

The Words Listen  
people who want to be something - in this case pop stars

waiting in line for something

success: a star is a famous person

put together

  Popstars and Pop Idol
British television programmes in which contestants competed to be given a recording contract as pop singers

  get on the show
perform as part of the programme

  impress the judges
make the judges think they were talented

  made it through
passed on to the next stage of the competition

the last round of a competition

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