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Music in the News
Wednesday 31 July 2002
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Waxwork of Kylie Minogue
Kids say new Kylie waxwork is not too hot
Summary: A waxwork model of pop singer Kylie Minogue in a sexy pose at London's Madame Tussauds has raised eyebrows amongst adults but got the thumbs up from kids.
The News Listen
  Kids say Kylie waxwork is not too hot

A new sexy waxwork of Kylie Minogue has got the thumbs up from kids.

The figure on display at London's Madame Tussauds shows Kylie on all fours, with black thigh-high boots, a red basque, and
see-through knickers. She can even whisper in your ear and there are dancers on hand to teach you her moves.

The Fever exhibit has caused a few people to say it's too sexy for children and degrades women. But most of the kids visiting it on Wednesday said they liked it and that it wasn't too sexy.

Fritha, 11, from Lichfield in Staffordshire joined in with the dancing and said "Her outfit's okay. It's just Kylie." And Daniel, 11, from Wellingborough, thought it was "absolutely fine".

There were only a couple of kids who didn't agree. Holly, 10, from London was one of them. She said she liked the waxwork and the dancers, but thought Kylie should be in a different pose and dress.

The Fever exhibit is on until 8 September. After that Kylie will join the rest of the waxworks on display in the main halls.

The Words Listen  
a model of a person made of wax

exciting in a sexy way

  got the thumbs up
got approval; the kids thought it was okay

  Madame Tussauds
a waxwork Museum in London and other cities around the world. Madame Tussaud was born in France in 1761 and during the French Revolution she took deathmasks from prisoners executed by guillotine. In 1835 she moved to London with her waxwork collection.

  on all fours
in a position resting on your hands and knees

  a basque
tight underwear for women, also covering the top of the body

underwear for women or girls

  on hand
if someone is on hand they are present and available to do something

makes people, here women, feel they have no respect or are worthless

position of the body

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