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Music in the News
Wednesday 17 July 2002
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Main stage
"T" in the Park feels the heat
Summary: Oasis, Foo Fighters, No Doubt and Idlewild, were just some of the bands playing at "T" in the Park in Scotland last weekend - and if that wasn't enough the sun smiled down too.

The News Listen
  "T" in the Park feels the heat

Dark clouds replaced bright sunshine on Sunday as thousands of fans enjoyed the final day of Scotland's biggest music festival.
Saturday's hot weather left many music fans at "T" in the Park as red as lobsters. And first aid tents were inundated with requests for sun cream.
The organisers of the event at Balado, near Kinross, said it was shaping up to be the best in its eight year history.
Highlights on Sunday include the US band Green Day and the Foo Fighters, Doves and The Chemical Brothers.
On Saturday night, rockers Oasis treated more than 50,000 fans to a sunset performance of new material mixed with old favourites.
The crowd saved the biggest cheers for songs such as Don't Look Back In Anger, Live Forever and Acquiesce.

The Words Listen  
  feels the heat
if you feel the heat, you feel the pressure of something; here there's a double meaning also suggesting it was a hot day

  as red as lobsters
burned by the sun so that the fans looked red, like lobsters - sea ceatures with a hard shell and two large claws

  first aid
medical treatment given as soon as possible to sick or injured people

if you are inundated with requests, you receive so many of them that you find it hard to deal with them all

the highlights of an event are the most interesting or exciting parts of it

  Treated more than 50,000 fans to
if you treat someone to something, you give them something special

  A sunset performance
a show given as the sun goes down

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