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Music in the News
Thursday 15 November 2001
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  The Love Parade has grown into a massive event
Berlin Love Parade will go ahead
Summary: Next year's Love Parade in Berlin will go ahead, despite the huge losses and confusion over this year's famous techno festival. The city government has agreed a date of July 13th with the organisers.
The News Listen
  The news will come as a huge relief to followers of the world's biggest dance party, which suffered this year when it was pushed back a week because of an environmental demonstration. The event lost DM 1.5m (or £467,000) after sponsors pulled out - amid the confusion over whether it would take place at all. And it cost more than £300,000 to clear up the mess generated by 800,000 youths in Berlin's Tiergarten park.

But now city officials have said they are committed to hosting the Love Parade, which pumps millions into the city's coffers.

This year, DJs on some 50 'techno-wagons' were serving up tunes along the route of the parade, from the Brandenburg Gate to the Victory Monument. Thousands danced to thumping techno in front of one float bearing the legend 'Join the Love Republic' in bright orange letters.

There were no major incidents, but the police made dozens of arrests for drug-related offences.

The Words Listen  
  will come as a huge relief
will make them feel very glad (because the future of the festival is no longer under threat)

  pushed back a week
postponed to take place a week later

  sponsors pulled out
organisations that had agreed to finance the event, decided not to

  committed to hosting
if you are committed to doing something, you have decided you will definitely do it

attracts (a lot of money)

  the city's coffers
here - the money that the city has to spend (literally, a coffer is a large strong chest used for storing valuables)

vans or lorries with music playing equipment on them. At the Parade, these 'moving discotheques' were playing a lot of techno, a popular style of dance music

  serving up tunes
playing songs

here - very loud

here - inscription

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