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Music in the News
Thursday 30 August 2001
Vocabulary from the world of music. Listen to and read the story then find explanations of difficult words below.

  Craig David
Craig David aims to repeat Mobo success
Summary: The British R&B singer Craig David is one of six acts to be nominated for three prizes at this year's Mobo (Music Of Black Origin) Awards.

The News Listen
  Craig David has been nominated for three prizes at this year's Mobo Awards, following his success last year when he won three prizes in his first year in the music business. This year Craig, who started DJing at the age of 14, is listed in the best R&B act, best UK act and best album categories. The 20-year-old chart-topping singer will face competition from Outkast, nominated in four categories, plus five other acts who are all up for three awards.

The nominations were announced in London on Wednesday by American singer Kelis, who will host the main ceremony on 4th October, alongside a BBC Radio DJ. At the ceremony, the US soul singer Luther Vandross will collect a lifetime achievement award. And the producer and performer R Kelly will be honoured for his outstanding contribution to the genre.

Nominees for the awards are chosen by a panel of experts, but winners of 15 of the 18 categories will be voted for by music fans. The ceremony has grown in size and stature since the first Mobos were held in 1996, and are now one of the most prestigious awards events of the year.

The Words Listen  
if you are DJing, you are acting as a DJ (short for disc-jockey) - you are playing and introducing records on the radio or at a disco

the style of music 'rhythm and blues'

  chart-topping singer
a singer who has had a Number One hit in the charts

  up for
if you are up for a competition, you have been selected to take part in it

together with

  a panel of experts
here - a small group of people who know a lot about popular music

  voted for
chosen by

  has grown in stature
if something has grown in stature, it has become more important and/or gained a good reputation

respected and admired by people

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