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Learning English
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  Brits 2002: Stars posing for cameras - So Solid Crew

The Brits Awards have come a long way since their origins in 1977. The awards are now one of the worlds' biggest musical events.

1,000 people including DJs, TV presenters and music journalists vote for artists nominated for 15 categories. This year's ceremony on 20th February featured performances by Kylie Minogue and Sting.

Our reporter Marie Johnston talked to some of the stars after the ceremony. Listen to find out what they think of the Brit Awards, then check the transcript below:
Dido: "It's just an institution really isn't it? I've sort of grown up with it, do you know what I mean? I did have an amazing year. I made this sort of little underground album. I obviously didn't think this was going to happen." Dido
Sting: "They're fun. You know, it's not going to change my life. But it's fun to win and it's nice to be voted, you know, whatever. I had a great night. We did play for a long time but you know, you wait all that time, you need to do something. I mean, I'm here to sing." Sting

Mis-teeq: "It was electric, fantastic, really was. It really was a dream come true. We just trying to do our part for females, for the urban music scene in general and we just hope we're leading and flying the flag."

Colin Babb spoke to Marie the following day. As you listen to the interview, find answers to these questions:

What's so special about the Brit Awards?
What was the atmosphere like at the ceremony?
Which of the performances was Marie's favourite?
Which award pleased Marie the most?

The BBC's Marie Johnston went to this year's MOBO Awards
Check the transcript - note the words in bold
Listen to the interview again - this time checking explanations of some words and expressions below.

eclectic mix: not following only one style of music but representing a wide range of styles
to outdo: here - to look and perform better than others
controversy: public discussion, or argument about something people disagree about, or are shocked by
eagerly anticipated: looked forward to with great interest
punters: here - audience
outshone everybody: gave the best and most memorable performance of all
stole the show: was the best performer who caught the most attention
delighted: extremely pleased

Colin Babb
Retro English

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