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Unit 4: Shopping
Read  1: Where to shop in London
Selfridges department store
There are many options for shopping in London, from the busy high street stores on Oxford Street to the bustling markets like Camden. John tells us what he likes best about shopping in the city.
Instructions for exercise
Click on the link below to open the exercise document in a new window. You will need to keep refering to this document to answer the questions below, so it would be useful to print it out.
 Read the exercise document
Answer the questions
1.  Where can you buy lots of different things under one roof?

A department store


2.  Which place has too many people?

Oxford Street
Covent Garden


3.  Where can you find out about London's past?

Oxford Street


4.  Which is the best place to buy cheap things?

Oxford Street


5.  Where can you see a street performer?

Covent Garden
A department store


6.  Where can you get some 'body art'?

Oxford Street


Language tips - vocabulary
cheer yourself up - to make yourself feel happier
retail therapy - going shopping to feel better
a bargain - something cheaper than you expect to pay, 'what a bargain!'
high street shops - shops which you find in most towns in Britain
department stores - big shops with different areas clothes, make-up, furniture etc
trendy - fashionable
up-to-the-minute - fashionable
second-hand - not new
canal - a man made river
have a stroll - go for a slow leisurely walk

Language tips - grammar
Look how we use the following examples of too and not enough

I'm not rich enough. gets too busy.'s not modern enough, and too expensive.
If all that shopping is too tiring...
Camden is not cultured enough.
(not + adjective + enough)
(too + adjective)

Look at the following examples

"Brrrrrr! It's -5º outside, far too cold to go out."
"He's failed the exam 3 times, he's obviously too lazy or not clever enough!!"
"Look - these jeans are £250, way too expensive for me!"
"You can't walk down Oxford Street on a Saturday, it's just too busy."

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  Unit 4: Shopping
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Read 1: Where to shop in London
Read 2: Oxford Street crime
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BBC guide to shopping in London