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Unit 4: Shopping

There are a vast amount of options for shopping in London with something to suit everybody's taste. John and Fiona go to Oxford Street to buy some jeans and some trainers.

This unit will help you with the following;
Shopping for clothes
Finding out about shopping in London
Using 'too + adjective' and 'not enough + adjective'
Reading about crime in London
Practising linking sounds and the schwa sound in connected speech
Listen 1: Buying a pair of shoes
John and Fiona are out shopping on Oxford Street. John spots a pair of trainers that he likes but they are the wrong colour.
Listen 2: Buying some jeans
Fiona is trying on a pair of jeans in a clothes shop. She has just returned from the changing rooms to show them to John. She wants to know if he likes them.
Read 1: Where to shop in London
There are many options for shopping in London, from the busy high street stores on Oxford Street to the bustling markets like Camden. John tells us what he likes best about shopping in the city.
Read 2: Oxford Street crime
Though Oxford Street has a reputation for pickpockets it is very unlikely that a tourist would become a victim of crime. Here are some common scams and tips to avoid becoming a victim yourself.
Speak 1: Using the schwa sound when asking for things
When asking for items in a shop such as jeans, sunglasses and trainers you have to ask for a 'pair' of them. This request involves several uses of the schwa sound. Try pronouncing these requests.
Unit 1: Transport
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  Unit 4: Shopping
Listen 1: Buying a pair of shoes
Listen 2: Buying some jeans
Read 1: Where to shop in London
Read 2: Oxford Street crime
Speak 1: Using the schwa sound when asking for things
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
  Useful links
BBC guide to shopping in London