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Learning English - Welcome to London Big Ben
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Unit 3: Cinema
Listen  1: Suggesting a night out in London
A night out on London
John has just arrived at Fiona's place in Camden. He wants them both to go out for the evening in London. He makes several suggestions about what they could do.
Instructions for exercise
Listen to the dialogue by pressing the play button below (play). When you have heard it, drag the sentences into the white boxes in the correct order. Use the language tips at the bottom of the page to help you.
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Language tips - vocabulary
a bite to eat - food
"my treat" - "i'll pay"
what's on - here, the films that are showing

Language tips - grammar
Making suggestions

"Let's go and see a band." (Let's + base form.)
"How about going out for a bite to eat?" (How about + -ing?)
"We could go and see an exhibition." (We could + base form.)
"Why don't we go and see a film?" (Why don't we + base form?)

Unit 1: Transport
  Unit 2: Hotel
  Unit 3: Cinema
Listen 1: Suggesting a night out in London
Listen 2: Deciding what film to see
Listen 3: Talking about the film
Read 1: Reading film reviews
Read 2: Cinemas in London
Speak 1: Using stress to help describe a film
Unit 4: Shopping
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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