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Unit 3: Cinema

John persuades Fiona to to go out with him to the cinema. They decide to go to see 'About a Boy' starring Hugh Grant at 'The Prince Charles' cinema in Leicester Square. At the end, they express different opinions about what they thought of the film.

This unit will help you with the following;
Making suggestions
Reading simple film reviews
Finding out about cinemas in London
Using adjectives to describe films
Giving opinions using base and strong adjectives
Practicing the pronunciation (sentence stress) of these opinions
Listen 1: Suggesting a night out in London
John has just arrived at Fiona's place in Camden. He wants them both to go out for the evening in London. He makes several suggestions about what they could do.
Listen 2: Deciding what film to see
John is at Fiona's place in Camden. They have decided to go to the cinema and are looking through the cinema listings to see what film they'd like to go and see.
Listen 3: Talking about the film
As John and Fiona leave the cinema they start talking about the film they have just seen.
Read 1: Reading film reviews
Written film reviews can be found on the web, in newspapers and in dedicated magazines. They provide information on the film genre, plot, actors, certificate and length.
Read 2: Cinemas in London
If you want to go out to the cinema in London you will be spoilt for choice. From cutting edge art-house movies to Hollywood blockbusters, there is something to suit everybody's taste, and wallet.
Speak 1: Using stress to help describe a film
When John and Fiona are talking about the film they have seen they put more stress on certain parts of a sentence to emphasise the point.
Unit 1: Transport
  Unit 2: Hotel
  Unit 3: Cinema
Listen 1: Suggesting a night out in London
Listen 2: Deciding what film to see
Listen 3: Talking about the film
Read 1: Reading film reviews
Read 2: Cinemas in London
Speak 1: Using stress to help describe a film
Unit 4: Shopping
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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