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Unit 1: Transport
Read  1: Comparing travel options
The Heathrow Express
There are many ways to travel from Heathrow Airport into the centre of town, by the Tube, Airbus, taxi or the Heathrow Express.
Instructions for exercise
Click on the link below to open the exercise document in a new window. You will need to keep referring to this document to answer the questions below, so it would be useful to print it out.
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Language tips - vocabulary
cabby - taxi driver
road works - repairs to the roads
minicab - a type of taxi, different from a black cab, usually cheaper
delay - something which makes your journey longer
fare - the money you pay for transport
guaranteed - you are sure of something
double-decker bus - a bus with 2 levels
it is not allowed - you must not do it
discount - a reduction in price

Language tips - grammar
When we have 2 things to compare

The Tube is quicker than the Airbus - quick is a short adjective (adjective + er + than).
The Airbus is more expensive than the Tube - expensive is a long adjective (more + adjective + than).
The Tube is not as quick as the Heathrow Express (not as + adjective + as). This is the same as saying 'The Heathrow Express is quicker than the Tube'.

When we have 3 things to compare

The Tube is the cheapest (the + adjective + est). Remember, cheap is a short adjective.
A taxi is the most expensive (the + most + adjective). Remember, expensive is a long adjective.

Unit 1: Transport
Listen 1: Choosing transport from Heathrow into town
Listen 2: At the ticket office
Listen 3: In the Underground station
Read 1: Comparing travel options
Speak 1: Comparisons and the 'schwa' sound
Unit 2: Hotel
Unit 3: Cinema
Unit 4: Shopping
Unit 5: Work
Unit 6: Eating Out
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