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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  York video

National Railway Museum
York was an important railway town in the early days of rail travel in Britain. Today it is home to the National Railway Museum. Watch the video clips to find out more about the museum. Then try the questions to check that you understand.

You can see the text and vocabulary of the video clips by clicking the link below.

  York Engine at the National Railway Museum
Answer the questions     Watch the video
1:  The National Railway Museum ...     Video for Question 1play video
is not within York's city walls     National Railway Museum
was built to a middle age design  
is a museum of modern trains  
can only be reached by walking  
2:  Which of these statements best describes the museum?     Video for Question 2play video
the museum only has trains     Inside a steam engine
the musuem is mostly a place for entertainment  
the museum would be a good place for school children  
the museum is not one of the best ones  
3:  How many engines are there in the Great Hall?     Video for Question 3play video
12     Japanese Shinkansen 'Bullet train'
More than 20  
4:  Why is Mallard special?     Video for Question 4play video
It's the oldest train in the museum     Mallard steam train
It's the fastest train in the museum  
It's the fastest steam train ever in the world  
It has a unique design  
  Check your answers Check your answers    
  Read text Read the text and see vocabulary

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National Railway Museum
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