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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Windsor audio

The last duel
A duel is a fight, often to the death, between two gentlemen. It was a traditional way of solving arguments. This text about the last duel in England.

The text has eight prepositions missing. Listen to the text then choose the correct preposition for each gap from the selections on the right.

  Windsor Duellists
Choose the correct words
The village of Egham is a few miles south-east ...(1)... Windsor. Its churchyard seems ...(2)... many others; but in fact one grave here - ...(3)... the year 1852 - is unique. A plain, dark stone marks the final resting place ...(4)... Frederick Cournet. He was the last man to die ...(5)... England in a duel - which is ironic, since he was a Frenchman. His opponent, a man named Bartholmy, was also French. And even more surprisingly, the two of them fought what were really two duels. When they faced each other, Bartholmy’s pistol misfired and Cournet’s shot missed. So they tried a second time - and Cournet ended ...(6)... dead.

Many well-known people fought duels, and duelling was widely regarded as the gentleman’s way ...(7)... settling a dispute. There were even manuals published in every aspect of the subject, and the rules for fighting a duel were elaborate. Nevertheless, duelling had been illegal ever since it first began in England ...(8)... the 16th century. A death that resulted from a duel was regarded as murder. So Bartholmy was arrested, tried and hanged.

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