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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Oxford video

Carfax Tower
This tower dominates a crossroads in Oxford but it is not all that it seems. Discover more about the history of Carfax Tower and the surrounding area by watching the video clips. Then check your understanding by trying to answer the questions.

You can see the text and vocabulary of the video clips by clicking the link below.

  Oxford Carfax Tower
Answer the questions     Watch the video
1:  Complete this sentence: Carfax Tower...     Video for Question 1play video
was built as part of another building     Oxford scene
was destroyed 100 years ago  
is used to control traffic  
was built by St. Martin  
2:  Which statement is believed to be true?     Video for Question 2 / 3play video
The Mitre and The Chequers used to be connected underground     Oxford Scene
They found the tunnel in the 16th Century  
The people who found the tunnel died in it  
The walls of the tunnel collapsed  
3:  What did Sherlock Holmes do at The Chequers?      
Solve a mystery      
Spend some time  
Have a fight  
Start a fire  
  Read text Read the text and see vocabulary  
  Check your answers Check your answers  
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