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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Cardiff video

Cardiff Bay
Cardiff's Millennium Stadium is one of a number of modern developments in Cardiff. Watch the video clips to find out more about another of these developments, Cardiff Bay. Then try the questions to check that you understand.

You can see the text and vocabulary of the video clips by clicking the link below.

  Cardiff Lightship
Answer the questions     Watch the video
1:  According to the video ...     Video for Question 1play video
All the changes in Cardiff are visible from the stadium     Millennium stadium
The view of Cardiff has not changed very much  
The Millennium Stadium is not the most dramatic change  
The Millennium Station has had a big effect on the city  
2:  Why was the docks area transformed?     Video for Question 2play video
The coal industry increased greatly     Cardiff Bay
The coal industry declined  
The coal industry needed more modern facilities  
The coal industry invested a large amount of money in the docks  
3:  Which one of these statements is true?     Video for Question 3play video
None of the seafaring history of the docks remains     Norwegian Church
Many Scandanavian sailors were christened here    
Roald Dahl wrote some of his books here    
The Pierhead Building played a part in the running of the docks    
4:  Which one of these statements is NOT true?     Video for Question 4play video
The National Assembly has a visitor centre in the Cardiff Bay area     National Assembly for Wales building
The National Assembly is in the centre of Cardiff    
The National Assembly did not exist in the 19th Century    
The National Assembly is part of the government of Wales    
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