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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Cardiff audio

Museum of Welsh Life
A little distance outside Cardiff is a museum which shows what life was like through different periods in Welsh history. This text gives more information about the museum.

Listen to the text then choose the correct words for each gap from the selections on the right.

  Cardiff Old Welsh village
Choose the correct words
Like most major cities, Cardiff is a mix of (...1...) styles. The Millennium Stadium, very obviously from the start of the 21st century, is only a few minutes' walk from solid 19th century buildings - like the main railway station.

(...2...) away behind narrow entrances there are also several elegant shopping arcades from earlier, less (...3...) times.

Only just outside Cardiff, though, there is a collection of over forty buildings that shows a complete (...4...) of Welsh history. At the Museum of Welsh Life at St Fagan's, original buildings from all over Wales have been brought in and carefully (...5...) to show how everyday people lived their lives.

Traditional life in the countryside is (...6...) by farmhouses and village buildings, and the industrial history of Wales by a whole row of houses for iron workers. There is even a (...7...) of a Celtic village, and craftsmen such as blacksmiths and potters demonstrate their skills.

The museum opened in 1948, and continues to grow, with new (...8...) including a mediaeval church and a prefabricated home from the period just after the Second World War.

It's presumably only a matter of time - an extremely long time - before the Millennium Stadium finds its way there, too.

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