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BBC World Service | Learning English | Beyond the Postcard - Brooklands
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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Brooklands video

Brooklands has a strong connection with the history of aviation in the U.K. Watch the video clips to find out more about this link then try the questions to check your understanding.

You can see the text and vocabulary of the video clips by clicking the link below.

  Brooklands Aircraft controls
Answer the questions     Watch the video
1:  When was Brooklands opened?     Video for Question 1play video
2: What did A.V. Roe do?     Video for Question 2play video
He built Brooklands    
He made the world's first ever powered flight   
He flew 1908 metres  
He started a company that made aeroplanes  
3:  The Vickers company....     Video for Question 3play video
made cars and planes    
made only civilian planes  
made only military planes  
made both military and civilian planes  
4:  How many planes made their first flights at Brooklands?     Video for Question 4play video
  Read text Read the text and see vocabulary  
  Check your answers Check your answers  
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