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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Brooklands text

Stratosphere Chamber
Brooklands is well-known for motoring and aviation, but it is also home for an extraordinary piece of research equipment, the stratosphere chamber

Read this text about the chamber, then try the vocabulary exercise below. The exercise is based on the meanings of the words in bold.

  Brooklands Stratosphere Chamber
Brooklands was a centre for British aircraft manufacturing for much of the twentieth century, but in addition some very special research and development work was carried on there after 1945.

TrawlerOne remarkable structure which started operation in 1948 and still exists today is the Stratosphere Chamber. Its purpose was to simulate at ground level the extreme conditions that fast and high-flying aircraft might meet. It could be operated at air pressure only 5% of that on the ground, which is equivalent to flying at 70,000 feet, or over 21,000 metres. It could also test a temperature range from -65C to + 45. In its 33-year working life, the Chamber was used for many trials, some of which had nothing to do with aircraft. For example, one test programme reproduced icing conditions on a trawler in the Arctic.

Wellington BomberToday Brooklands is a museum, and one of its priorities is to maintain its aviation traditions. It takes pride in restoring aircraft, particularly if they were built in the nearby factory. The biggest single task of that sort is still continuing - the painstaking restoration of a Wellington bomber that was recovered in 1985 from the bottom of Loch Ness in Scotland.


Exercise - Vocabulary

Look at the definitions below. Each one is for a word in bold in the text. Choose the word or expression from the list on the right which matches the definition.

1: difficult job or piece of work  
2: to copy something for tests without the expense or danger of doing it for real  
3: things that are most important  
4: also, as well as  
5: very detailed and taking a long time  
6: extraordinary, unusual and impressive  
Check your answers Check your answers

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