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BBC World Service | Learning English | Beyond the Postcard - Bristol
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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Bristol video

The wine trade
As a busy port, Bristol has a connection with many industries. The wine trade is one of these. Watch the video clips to find out more about the wine trade in Bristol. Then try the questions to check that you understand.

You can see the text and vocabulary of the video clips by clicking the link below.

  Bristol The Great Britain
Answer the questions     Watch the video
1:  When did Bristol become a busy port?     Video for Question 1play video
the 19th Century     Great Britain
the 20th Century  
the middle of the 18th century  
over 300 years ago  
2:  What was The Matthew used for?     Video for Question 2play video
transporting wool and cloth     The Matthew
transporting wine  
finding new places and investigating them  
carrying slaves  
3:  According to the video, which of these sentences is true?     Video for Question 3 / 4play video
French wine was better than Spanish wine     Tavern
Britain imported Spanish, Portuguese and French wines  
French wine was actually produced in other countries  
Britain imported wine from a number of countries except France  
4:  Which of these sentences is true?      
Poor people drank more wine than rich people      
The oldest pub in Bristol is 700 years old  
Rich people couldn't drink in taverns  
Some people used to buy large quantities of wine  
  Read text Read the text and see vocabulary  
  Check your answers Check your answers  
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