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BBC World Service | Learning English | Beyond the Postcard - Birmingham
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Learning English - Beyond the Postcard
  Birmingham audio 2

Canals are man-made waterways which are used like roads. Britain has an extensive network of canals and Birmingham is one city where they are still very much in use. Learn more about Birmingham's canals by listening to the audio clips, then try the comprehension questions.

You can see the text and vocabulary of the audio clips by clicking the link below.

  Birmingham Workers on the canal
Answer the questions     Listen
1:  When was this canal first used for carrying goods?     Audio for Question 1play audio
The mid 17th century     Canals
The mid 18th century  
The mid 19th century  
The mid 20th century  
2:  Which statement is most accurate?     Audio for Question 2play audio
Canals were cheap and successful     Canals
Canals were expensive but successful  
Canals were hard to build and weren't really successful  
Canals were easy to build and were successful  
3:  Why are canals not used for carrying cargo anymore?     Audio for Question 3play audio
People didn't enjoy working on the canal     Canals
The canals are friendly to the environment    
Speed of transport is now more important    
There are too many tourist boats    
  Read text Read the text and see vocabulary      
  Check your answers Check your answers      
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