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Super typhoon hits Hong Kong


23 September 2013

A super typhoon has hit Hong Kong on its way to south China. Typhoon Usagi has killed at least 25 people in Guangdong province, south China, but Hong Kong has escaped the worst of the storm.


Juliana Liu

A satellite view of a superstorm

Typhoon Usagi has affected 3.5 million people in China


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The streets of Hong Kong, one of the world's most densely packed cities, are eerily quiet. Residents had been preparing for days for a super typhoon, the worst in decades.

But the storm weakened on its way to south China. Though there has been damage caused, it has been far less than originally anticipated.

About a dozen people here have sought treatment in hospital. There has been some flooding, and of course, hundreds of flights have been cancelled.

With the wind and rain abating, the city is likely to return to business as usual by mid-morning.


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(adv) a lot of things or people very close together


(adv) strangely scary


people who live or have their homes in a place


a violent storm


became less strong, less powerful


expected, imagined

sought treatment

tried to get drugs or a cure for injuries


becoming less strong

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