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Last updated at 17:17 BST, Monday, 17 June 2013

Czech PM resigns


17 June 2013

After claims of organised crime and corruption in the Czech government, Czech Prime Minster Petr Necas has decided to resign.


Steve Evans

The Czech government headquarters

Several Czech government buildings were raided


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The scandal reads like the script of a European television thriller, melding politics with human drama.

The pressure had been growing on the prime minister since Friday when his chief of staff, Jana Nagyova, was charged with corruption and abuse of power. Detectives said she was suspected of bribing MPs with jobs in state-owned companies.

Last week, police raided government offices and seized $8m worth of cash and gold. The chief of staff is also accused of ordering spying on Prime Minister Necas' wife.

Intriguingly, he said in his resignation speech that what he called the "twists and turns of his personal life" were a weight on the political situation in the country.

It is not clear if the president of the country will rule that there should be a new general election, or whether some form of the existing coalition government will continue with a different prime minister.


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a story about dishonest or immoral behaviour that shocks people


a book, film or play with an exciting story, usually about crime or mystery


joining together


giving money or presents to someone so they will do something for you, often something illegal


(here referring to police) entered, in order to search for criminals or evidence of crime


interestingly, because of being strange or mysterious

twists and turns

unexpected changes and difficulties


(here referring to a new law) decide officially