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US campaign resumes after Sandy


1 November 2012

President Obama will hold a series of election rallies, as he resumes campaigning. He had suspended electioneering because of the storm Sandy. Mitt Romney is also on the campaign trail.


Mark Mardell

President Obama


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President Obama cancelled three days of campaign events to be back in the White House and in charge, as the big storm hit the North East coast. If he hadn't he'd have been accused of trying to save his job, rather than doing his job. As it is, he's earned some praise for firmly taking charge. When he visited the devastated coastal area of New Jersey he told people: "This is what America is all about, we go through tough times and then we bounce back."

Now he will return to campaigning, with rallies in Wisconsin, Nevada and Colorado – while the republican candidate Mitt Romney focuses on another swing state: Virginia. The next few days will be relentless and intense – the opinion polls are still too tight to predict a winner and both camps are claiming they are confident and on the verge of victory.


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bounce back

return to the favourable position held before

swing state

a state in which no single candidate or party has overwhelming support amongst voters in securing that state's electoral college votes


continuing with a lot of activities

opinion polls

surveys to assess who the electorate intends to vote for

on the verge of

about to achieve

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