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Who wants a lift?


Report and vocabulary


London is gearing up for the Olympics.

And this includes many people's typical ride around the city.

Here the bus is at work. And this is the bus working out...

Czech artist David Cerny is The London Booster's creator.
The sturdy double-decker seems to be doing well for a 1957 model.

This is a routine exercise for athletes but push-ups can be exhausting. Especially for a 6-tonne vehicle.

gearing up for

preparing for


means of transport

working out

performing strenuous physical exercise


two-level bus


very tiring


Use one of the words or phrases below to complete each of these sentences from BBC news reports.
Note that you may have to change the form of a word to complete the sentence correctly.

gearing up for / ride / working out / double-decker / exhausting

1. "The latest product to launch is the green energy gym," says Tarrant. "People create electricity by ________ so as they pedal away on the bike, they can see the energy they are creating and it's used to light up the fitness zone at night and can even power local buildings."

2. A failing heart struggles to pump blood around the body, meaning even trivial tasks become____________.

3. "I travel into the city centre by car at the moment but the traffic adds time onto my journey," she said. "I am going to try the park and ______ service from Leckwith as it will be cheaper and hopefully save me time. I think it is a really good idea."

4. "The Banqueting House hall is big enough to be a bus garage, you could get eight __________ London buses into it and that was less than 5% of what Jones wanted to build."

5. Astronomers are __________one of the rarest events in the Solar System. On Tuesday, Venus will pass directly between the Sun and the Earth.




How did you do?


working out








gearing up