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China's Olympics boast


29 June 2012

A month before the start of the London Olympics, the Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua has published an editorial predicting that China will top the medals table - once again beating the US. In what reads like a strategy paper for the country's Olympics success, it lays out its medal predictions for various sports.


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Detailed it is but modest it certainly isn't. The editorial sets out in precise terms where China can expect to win gold medals. In gymnastics the haul could be nine, weight lifting offers up the opportunity for another five, and there could be medals won on the track. All told, China believes it can win 37 gold medals - enough to top the table.

What's perhaps surprising about this editorial is that it's been published in the first place. But in a country known for setting targets, it serves as a public warning to Chinese athletes not to disappoint.

Glory goes not only to the individual winner but the country as a whole. And Chinese fans can be unforgiving if their athletes fail to meet expectations or in this case, specific targets. As for the host nation, Britain, well, there's some good news. China's state-run news agency predicts it could finish third.


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unassuming/not showing off


news article written by the editor that gives an opinion


amount gained

all told

in total

top the table

be ranked at the number one position

it serves

it works


high honor won by notable achievements


unable to stop feeling angry or resentful

host nation

country where the olympics is held


estimates for the future

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