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Queen's small celebration


Report and vocabulary


Celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee... in miniature.

A new Lego model of Elizabeth II, complete with a mini version of the crown jewels, has been added to the Buckingham Palace scene at the toy company's theme park.

The 1.5 cm tall crown is made from silver, and has been studded with 48 real diamonds.

It's in the town of Windsor, which is home to one of the Queen's real castles.

Diamond Jubilee

60th anniversary celebration


smaller version of something

the crown jewels

the precious stones and ornaments used to decorate a monarch

theme park

park of entertainments based on one idea or set of characters


decorated with small precious stones


Use one of the words or phrases below to complete each of these sentences from BBC news reports.

Note that you may have to change the form of a word to complete the sentence correctly.

Diamond Jubilee / Miniature/ the crown jewels/ theme park / studded

1. By contrast, Spain and Italy have __________ carriers with around a dozen planes, while China has only one ex-Soviet model, preferring to put its defence budget into missile technology.

2. The centre - which opened in 2006 - has a cinema, a hotel and a Venice-styled __________.

3. It is made of quetzal and other feathers mounted on a base of gold __________ with precious stones.

4. The Queen has taken part in a service of thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral on the final day of her __________ celebrations.

5. The two largest gems form part of __________ - one is set at the head of the Sovereign's Sceptre and the other into the Imperial State Crown.




How did you do?




theme park




Diamond Jubilee


Crown Jewels