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Hotel in the air


Report and vocabulary


It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie.

But these hanging pods are in fact a temporary hotel. Staff lead guests through bizarre rituals designed to put them in tune with nature.

They receive just the bare essentials but spend the night in comfort.

This interactive theatre performance was dreamt up by the Belgian group Time Circus and is taking part in a festival in Norfolk, England.

sci-fi or science fiction

a literary or movie genre that creates fantasies based on scientific discoveries


suspended from a height


strange and unusual

in tune with

connected to or in harmony with something

bare essentials

items that people think they can't live without


Use one of the words or phrases below to complete each of these sentences from BBC news reports.

Note that you may have to change the form of a word to complete the sentence correctly.

sci-fi / hanging / bizarre / in tune with / bare essentials

1. The BBC's Jim Muir in Beirut says the overall casualty figures for Friday, though they may be revised upwards, were very much lower than many had feared. That is ________ the overall state of the ceasefire itself, our correspondent says.

2. We sat together on his bright, fluffy pink, red and white rug and an orange-flowered garland framed a ________ portrait of the revolutionary Islamic leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini, who watched over us.

3. A decade on, is Smith confident audiences will be receptive to another helping of fantastical ______ comedy, this time presented in the divisive 3D format?

4. According to the report, absolute poverty is measured by the number of people who can afford only the ____________ of shelter, food and clothing.

5. "They hear voices or they have delusions. They have ________ ideas which are not supported by the facts and they stick to these beliefs," he says.




How did you do?


in tune with






bare essentials