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Making way for Eurovision


20 February 2012

In May, the former Soviet state of Azerbaijan will for the first time host the Eurovision Song Contest. The authorities are busy preparing the capital Baku, including building a new concert hall. But residents of nearby apartment blocks say they are being forced to leave their homes.

Damien McGuinness


Azerbaijan will host the Eurovision Song Contest amidst human rights problems


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Despite freezing temperatures and recent heavy snow, Azerbaijan's authorities have taken the roof off the apartment block and cut off water and phone lines, forcing residents of the building's upper floors to leave, whether they like it or not.

Pensioner Natalya Allibiakova is one of the few home owners still left. She says the compensation offered by the government is not enough to buy a similar property elsewhere.

She told the BBC that Eurovision will now for her always be a painful reminder of how she lost her home.

Azerbaijan's authorities argue that the compensation is adequate and Eurovision's organisers say the evictions are nothing to do with the contest.

But human rights organisation Human Rights Watch says the evictions risk overshadowing the song contest.

Azerbaijan sees Eurovision as a chance to attract international attention, but that spotlight is proving less welcome, as it's also revealing alleged human rights abuses.


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cut off

stopped the supply of


money paid to someone because of loss or damage

a painful reminder

something which makes a person think about a difficult time in their life


good enough


forcing people out of their homes

human rights

basic moral entitlements people should have, such as justice and freedom to say what they believe


something negative which takes our attention away from a positive event




said that bad things have happened without final proof


bad treatment of