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Cruise disaster


16 January 2012

Rescue workers searching a capsized cruise liner off the Italian island of Giglio say they have found another body. This brings the confirmed number of dead to six so far.

Alan Johnston

Costa Concordia cruise ship

The capsized Costa Concordia cruise ship.


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The major inquiry into how this disaster came about is now gathering momentum, and more and more, the actions of the captain are coming under suspicion.

He's maintained that his vessel was far enough out to sea and that whatever it struck was not marked on his charts.

The coastguard however says the vessel was just too close to this rocky shoreline and a statement by the captain's employers says that he may have made what it described as "significant errors".

Meanwhile the search of the wreck has continued through the night and at around 2 am, one of the teams working its way through the maze of cabins and other rooms, found the body of a man lying in a corridor.

He's yet to be identified but he's believed to have been a passenger rather than a member of the crew.

The discovery of this latest body brings to six the number of people confirmed to have died in the disaster.

Alan Johnston


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gathering momentum

getting faster and more detailed

coming under suspicion

being questioned


boat or a ship


organisation which ensures the safety of ships and boats near the coast



the wreck

the remains of a ship which has sunk


confusing system of passages


rooms in a boat or ship where people sleep


passage between rooms

member of the crew

person who works on a ship or plane