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Destination Afghanistan


Report and vocabulary


The turquoise waters of Afghanistan's very first national park.

The authorities here are trying to attract tourists to Bamian, the same place where the Taliban blew up a giant Buddha ten years ago.

It's hoped once security concerns are addressed tourism can form the backbone of the Afghan economy.

Last year even saw ski slopes open for business and the country's first international skiing competition.

the authorities

the group of people with official power in an area, like the government

blew up

destroyed with a bomb or explosives

security concerns

worries about safety and the threat of terrorism

the backbone of

the most important part of something which holds the rest together

ski slopes

areas on the sides of mountains, hills and artificial hills used for the sport of skiing


Use one of the words or phrases below to complete each of these sentences from a BBC news report.

Note that you may have to change the form of a word to complete the sentence correctly.

the authorities / blew up / security concerns / the backbone of / ski slopes

And, in another mysterious and high-profile case in 2003, US pizza delivery man Brian Wells was killed when a collar bomb he was wearing __________ after he robbed a bank in Pennsylvania.

Saif al-Islam, one of the Libyan leader's sons, sought to rally regime forces earlier on Tuesday by making a defiant appearance and claiming the regime had broken ___________ the rebel advance.

His beating-up by security forces shows that he has hit home and that __________ tolerance for dissent is touching zero.

Glasgow Caledonian University's Moffat Centre, which monitors visitor attractions, said Scotland's __________ benefited most from heavy snowfalls.

Brazil had been scheduled to play African champions Egypt on Tuesday 6 September, but the game was cancelled due to __________ in Cairo.




How did you do?


blew up


the backbone of


the authorities'


ski slopes


security concerns