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Riots continue in London


8 August 2011

There has been a second night of rioting in London.

The violence follows the shooting last week of a young black man by police.

Naomi Grimley

Police in Tottenham


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For a second night running some areas of London have seen sporadic rioting, burnt-out cars; smashed windows and looters on what would otherwise be normal shopping streets.

Over a hundred people were arrested on Sunday evening and three police officers are in hospital. Most attention is still focused on Tottenham where the worst rioting took place on Saturday night.

The trouble in this part of north London started after a young black man was shot dead by police last week. There's now an Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry into that incident. But Tottenham is also one of the poorest areas of London with a history of racial tension. Today some members of the black community are pointing to other factors - including the worry that there aren't enough opportunities for the young.

But others feel there can be no attempts to explain away what happened. Kit Malthouse is London's Deputy Mayor with responsibility for policing:

"We have to be careful in the media and in politics not to create this atmosphere of excuse for what has happened. This is awful, disgusting criminality and it needs to be driven out by communities, by the police. Those perpetrators need to be brought to justice and they will be over the weeks to come."

It is, of course, just a year to go before the Olympics come to London. As the countdown begins all eyes are on the capital. But incidents like this couldn't be more different from the images of a confident, harmonious city in the promotional videos.

Naomi Grimley, BBC News


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irregular, happening in different places but not everywhere


people who steal things from shops and houses during a riot

racial tension

a negative atmosphere between people of different nationalities and or skin colour

pointing to other factors

suggesting different reasons

to explain away

to give a simple excuse for something

to be driven out

to be stopped and made unacceptable


people who commit crimes

the countdown

the time leading up to the start of an event


peaceful and friendly

the promotional videos

the films made for advertising and marketing something