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Last Harry Potter film success


18 July 2011

The last Harry Potter film has been incredibly successful around the world.

In the US in its first weekend it is estimated to have grossed more than $168m.

Alastair Leithead

Harry Potter

The final Harry Potter movie


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It's already the most successful movie franchise in history, but a decade after the young wizard's first film debut, the final chapter 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II' has broken box-office records.

In the US alone the finale of the eight-film series is estimated to have brought in over $168.5m in its opening weekend, ten million dollars more than the previous record set by the 2008 Batman film 'The Dark Knight.'

The film, which has featured the same lead actors throughout, also became the highest-earning movie on its opening day. Its distributor, Warner Brothers, said the last Harry Potter instalment broke international records as well with highest-ever weekend figures in the UK and Australia.

Hollywood-watchers are estimating the film is on track to break a rare barrier to become a billion-dollar movie.

Alastair Leithead, BBC, Los Angeles


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movie franchise

a series of films produced by the same company with the same characters

first film debut

first appearance on film (Harry Potter had previously appeared in books)

has broken box-office records

has made more money from people going to see the film than any previous film

the finale of

the last in a series

brought in

made an amount of money


the company that arranges for films to be shown in cinemas


one of a series


people in the media who are interested in what is happening in the movie-making industry

on track to

looks like it will

a rare barrier

a limit that is not often reached

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