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Electric bikes available for hire in England


30 May 2011

An unusual bicycle hire scheme is hoping to attract more visitors to England's Peak District. Visitors and people who live in this hilly area of central and northern England can now hire electric bikes to explore the countryside.

Jenny Hill

Cyclist Steve Garadis in the Peak District

Steve Garadis enjoys using an electric bike


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It may look like any other bike, but the clue is in the sound. What you can hear is a battery-powered motor that takes away all the effort.

The bikes can get up to 15 miles an hour. What was once a mountain is suddenly a molehill.

Steve Garadis:
In Britain at the moment, most people don't really know what an electric bike is and what it can do. It's just like normal cycling, but with an extra boost that pushes you up the hills. It means you don't have to worry about headwinds. You don't get horribly sweaty.

At this cafe, you can hire the bikes, you can also recharge them. The batteries last for about 40 miles. Other local businesses offer the same service.

What you won't find here are cars. In fact, they've just opened up old railway tunnels to keep this trail traffic free.

Jenny Hill, BBC News


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the clue is in

the information which will help you discover the truth can be found in

a battery-powered motor

a motor (as found in cars or motorbikes) which runs by being connected to a battery

the effort

the physical movement required

a molehill

a small mound of earth found in a field, which has been left behind by an animal called a mole. Here, used because its size is very small when compared to a mountain


moves or propels


winds which blow in the opposite direction to the way you are moving


drops of liquid (or sweat) covering your skin, because you are very hot


to fill up or replenish the energy or power source


continue, or remain in good condition


route through the countryside which has been specially marked for walkers or cyclists

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