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More wreckage from Air France plane found


4 April 2011

French investigators say they have found more pieces of an Air France jet, which crashed over the Atlantic Ocean two years ago. All 228 people on board died. This latest search is the fourth attempt to try and establish what caused the crash.

Vanessa Buschschluter

Brazilian Navy divers recovering part of the tail section from the Air France aircraft that crashed over the Atlantic ocean in 2009

The Air France plane crashed in 2009


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News of the find has awakened new hopes among the team of crash investigators, that they may finally find the flight data recorders, which they say are crucial to determine the cause of the crash.

There's been speculation that malfunctioning speed sensors were to blame, but officials say other factors must have also contributed.

The search for the data recorders has been complicated and costly, with unmanned submarines diving to depths of up to 4,000 metres to scour the sea floor for traces of the plane.

Air France and the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, who've both been placed under investigation on charges of involuntary manslaughter over the crash, will be among those keen to see the flight recorders retrieved.

Vanessa Buschschluter, BBC News


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the find

the discovery



flight data recorders

machines in planes which store information on what happened during each flight (e.g. plane's direction, weather conditions)

to determine the cause

to find out what made (the crash) happen




added to the situation


very expensive

to scour

to search thoroughly (along)

placed under investigation

questioned as part of the inquiry

involuntary manslaughter

causing people to die, but not deliberately

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