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Beaches to reopen after shark attacks


13 December 2010

Officials in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh say they are reopening the beaches after a series of shark attacks. New safety measures will be introduced. The beaches were closed after a German tourist was recently killed while snorkelling.

Jon Leyne

Dead shark being examined in Egypt

Egyptian officials suggested this mako shark attacked people


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After a survey by a group of international experts, the beaches at Sharm el-Sheikh are to reopen, but only after strict new safety measures are in place. There will be continuous patrols by boats close to shore.

Watch towers are being established along the beaches, manned by professional divers, equipped with binoculars to scan for any sign of sharks. Swimmers will have to remain within designated areas, and rules against feeding sharks or any other sea life are being reinforced.

The international shark experts concluded that recent attacks were carried out by more than one shark, so waiting until the culprit was caught seems not to have been an option before opening the beaches, especially as the peak Christmas season approaches. But tourists may be understandably nervous and at least some cancellations are reported.

Jon Leyne, BBC News


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continuous patrols

constant watching and inspecting

being established

being set up or created


an instrument with two small lenses, which make things far way away look bigger


look carefully


clearly marked or signposted


strengthened or increased

carried out

to do something


here, the shark which attacked swimmers


here, the busiest time of

understandably nervous

concerned in a way that seems normal after recent events

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