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Companies stop Wikileaks payments


8 December 2010

Datacell, which accepts credit card donations for Wikileaks, has said it will take action if Visa Europe and Mastercard continue not to process these payments. The two credit card companies say they are not willing to work for Wikileaks any more.

Theo Leggett

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange


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Wikileaks is a voluntary organisation which relies on donations to pay for its operations. Over the past few days, two of the main sources of that money have been blocked. On Tuesday, the credit card giants Visa Europe and Mastercard said they would suspend payments to Wikileaks, following a similar move by the online service Paypal on Friday. But the company which receives credit card donations on Wikileaks' behalf is threatening legal action. Datacell, an IT firm based in Iceland, has refused to comply with requests to shut down its donor account. It says those requests were based on "untrue and unverified accusations". It claims that if its credit card facilities are withdrawn permanently, its own business will be in danger - and it will sue the credit card firms for damages, which it says would not be small.

Theo Leggett, BBC News


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voluntary organisation

group run by people who work for free or are not paid

relies on

depends on something in order to survive


money given by people to help a person or organisation


people or places you get something from

credit card giants

very large credit card companies

legal action

to sue

to comply with

to co-operate with

donor account

bank account to hold donations of money


taken away or stopped


the amount of money they would want, to pay for any losses they might suffer

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