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UN appeals for more Pakistan flood aid


16 August 2010

The UN has warned that up to 3.5 million children in Pakistan are at high risk from diseases following the flood disaster. It says an urgent increase in funding would significantly help to reduce the risk.

Mike Wooldridge

Floods in Pakistan

The UN has called for more aid.


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As new areas of land in southern Pakistan succumb to the floodwaters, the UN is stepping up the urgency of its warnings about the threat from waterborne diseases.

This also follows confirmation from the UN over the weekend of the first case of cholera.

UN officials say access to vulnerable children has improved and the relief operation now has the capacity to respond; it's primarily about funding.

They say that being able to deliver more safe drinking water would make an immediate difference to saving the lives of children.

But the UN's appeal for $110 million for the water-related aspects of the relief operation has only been met to the tune of $19 million.

Mike Wooldridge, BBC News, Islamabad

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are lost or defeated


excessive water from rivers that has covered the land

stepping up



pressure to do something immediately

waterborne diseases

illnesses that are carried by or through water


proof that something is true


a serious infection of the bowels, passed on through dirty water


unprotected; exposed to harm or danger

relief operation

action to help people after a disaster

to the tune of

to more or less this amount

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