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Passenger plane crashes in Pakistan


28 July 2010

A passenger plane with more than a hundred and fifty people on board has crashed as it was coming in to land at Islamabad airport. The plane came down in torrential rain in the Margalla hills overlooking the capital.

Helen Fawkes

Soldiers of Pakistan Armed Forces rush to the site of a plane crash in Islamabad,

Soldiers rush to the site of the crash


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A civil aviation official has said there were difficult weather conditions at the time of the crash. There was torrential rain and heavy mist in the area. Images from Pakistani television show smoke rising from the spot where the plane came down.

The flight originated in Turkey. Police said it was an Airblue flight to Islamabad via Karachi with more than 150 people on board. The company operates flights domestically as well as to Britain and to the Gulf.

The aircraft crashed to the north of Islamabad. The plane is said to have lost contact with the control tower minutes before landing. A huge rescue operation has been launched, but it's being hampered by the poor weather conditions.

Helen Fawkes, BBC News


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a civil aviation official

a spokesperson for commercial passenger flights


very heavy


started its journey from


passing through

operates domestically

flies to destinations within the country, not only abroad

lost contact

had no more communication with

control tower

a building at an airport from which air traffic is watched and directed

rescue operation

a plan to help people in a dangerous situation

been launched


being hampered

prevented from happening easily

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