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Spanish fans celebrate World Cup victory


12 July 2010

Spanish football fans have been celebrating all night after their team won the World Cup. In a dramatic final, Spain beat the Netherlands one-nil in extra time, with a goal by Andrés Iniesta.

Sarah Rainsford

Spanish fans celebrating

Spanish fans celebrating


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They're still partying here in Madrid; the celebration of Spain's first ever World Cup win has gone on right through the night.

The city high street, Gran Via, has been closed to traffic as thousands of fans conduct their own victory parade. They've been dancing on dustbins and hanging from lamp-posts. Wrapped in the national flag, they've been singing, drinking, and savouring the moment.

Prime Minister Zapatero has called Spain's success an epic victory; one that’ll go down in the country's history. The team coach calls winning the World Cup reward for beautiful football. There's no doubting that for Spanish fans. Later today, the new world champions will arrive back here in Madrid. This city, the whole country, plan to welcome their footballers as national heroes.

Sarah Rainsford, BBC News, Madrid


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right through the night

all night; until the morning

high street

the main road in a city or town

victory parade

public celebrations to mark the win


tall poles to hold up street lights

the national flag

the piece of cloth with colours and patterns representing the country

savouring the moment

enjoying the experience

an epic victory

an impressive win

go down in the country's history

be remembered by the nation

world champions

the best team on the planet

national heroes

people who are admired by the whole country

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