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Philippines vote machines fail


12 May 2010

Early results from the Philippines' presidential election show that Benigno Aquino, known as Noy Noy, has a big lead. But officials are assessing the impact of problems with the voting machines which were used for the first time.

Kate McGeown

Philippines' vote machine

Tests revealed a problem with the machines' memory cards


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Tens of thousands of people in the Philippines have had to wait for hours in the hot sun to cast their votes due to problems with the new automated voting system.

Critics had warned of problems in the days before the polls when tests revealed a glitch in the memory cards. Votes for one candidate were being incorrectly registered as votes for someone else.

Nothing this serious has been discovered yet on polling day but several machines have jammed and even the main presidential front runner Noy Noy Aquino had difficulties. The machine he was about to use broke down before he could cast his ballot.

The main concern is that problems with the voting could lead to problems on the ground. Elections in the Philippines are often marred by unrest and there have been several fatal shooting incidents already since the polls opened.

Kate McGeown, BBC News


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to cast their votes

to make their choices for candidates in an election

the polls

the process of voting and the counting of votes

a glitch

a small and sudden problem, especially with technology such as a computer

incorrectly registered

recorded to the wrong person (in the case, not the candidate it was intended for)


a piece of equipment that is jammed has some part of it that is blocked or not moving correctly

main presidential front runner

the candidate for president who is expected to win

broke down

stopped working

cast his ballot

make his choice for a candidate in the election

on the ground

in the country

marred by

spoiled by

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